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Hello, I'm Natalie Defoe the founder of Figure and Face Clinic.

I wanted to share a little bit about myself and this beautiful business I created 9 years ago.

I have spent the last 19 years working with some of the greatest mentors and teachers in the industry. Teaching me not only the essential knowledge to carry out practical treatments, but to love, respect and care for myself and learn the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

What I have come to know for sure, is that at any given moment in your life, you can commit to change - physically, mentally or emotionally. All change is progress and it is never too late.

You can absolutely transform your skin and your health! I have seen it before my own eyes, thousands of clients walk through my door and come out better than before.

Here you will be honoured with honesty and care, because you deserve more than to live life out of alignment to who you truly are.

With my own personal life experiences, wisdom, knowledge and self - healing, I created an experience for you, that will help you to not only achieve better skin and wellness, but refuel your passion to truly love your self entirely.

In my treatment space, you'll be educated and given all the tools you'll need to set a new standard for your skin and your health, in order to give it what it deserves for sustainable lasting change.

I hope to welcome you into this space, for a full restorative skin healing experience and I want to thank all of my valued loyal clients for their continued support over the years.

Sending you healing energy and good vibrations always,

Natalie x

Natalie Defoe

Therapist and Educator

Be in love with yourself - body and personality. Know that you are number one.

-Natalie Defoe