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Qualified-Experienced-Insured Body Therapist and Health Mentor

Created from 12 years of Industry experience and a passion for holistic and aesthetic combined

The truth is, it is absolutely never to late to be that person you might have been before. We waste a lot of our time worrying too much about what we are not and not what we are!

In order to change for the long term, you have to be in that zone mentally. You have to accept the things you can not change, clear negative energy from your life and embrace change with open arms

None of us are or will ever be perfect, but we deserve to be the best version ourselves that we possibly can be.
If we can not take the time to care after ourselves, we can not care for anyone else.

The unique customer service each client is given is second to none and I pride myself on that. At my clinic you are not just another client, you are an important individual that needs care and support.

My goal throughout creating Figure and Face Clinic has been to create affordable, attainable, results driven treatments completely tailored to the individual.

It is as simple as this…

Real results come from a passion to succeed in whatever mission you set yourself.

Become the best version of yourself possible, because you become what you believe


– Oprah Winfrey

Nothing is permanent, Everything is subject to Change


– Buddha

Ageing is a fact of life, looking your age is not


– Dr Murad


Natalie Defoe

Health Mentor and Clinic Director