Cadence Training


This bespoke unique Training & Consultancy Service is a complete game changer for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry!

Learn how to build your Therapy business solid, strong and successful! In an Industry where everyone is competing for the business, mediocre can not exist, you have to be the best.

CADENCE TRAINING is all about learning how to engage with your client. Creating an experience that is memorable and addictive. With results that lead to a consistent flow of revenue and growth year after year and a thriving reputation, that will have clients from near and far flocking to your clinic, spa or salon.

The Cadence Consultancy service is all about finding your place in the industry. If your starting a new therapy venture and have no idea where to start, this is the one for you. Equipped with a portfolio of tried and tested suppliers and distributors for all your salon needs. Cadence is basically your personal assistant, you ask and we deliver. Saving you years of trials and errors and setting you on the road to great success in your own unique style!

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